Perfect Practice

by Anurag Ojha

There is a quote by Vince Lombardi, a famous American Football figure, that I think about from time to time:

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. “

These words are a call to put in our best in whatever we do, every time, over and over again. Practice makes permanent. And perfect practice makes the perfect permanent. The “permanent” aspect is important because we all know it takes more time to unlearn a bad habit than to form a good one.

But wise words can be incorporate in our day to day activities only if we have discipline. The problem with them is that they just don’t stick in the mind. I think that is why our forefathers created fables and stories. A story captures the attention of the listener and leaves a lasting impression.

Metaphors are also powerful tools to convey a message. When you cant express something in words, its sometimes easier to use a metaphor. Not only does it tickle the brain to actually think about the message. In certain situations, metaphors might be the most polite way to get the message across.

My guitar instructor shared a metaphor which I thought went very well with the quote by Vince Lombardi. He said that every time you practice a piece of music on the guitar, it goes into a magic hat. When you are performing on stage, you can only pull from that magic hat. If you want only good things to come out of your hat, you need to make sure you put only the best notes and chords in it.